Acolyte Ministry
The liturgical ministry of the Acolyte is to assist the priest and deacon at mass, and for the service of the altar. Acolytes also take communion to the sick in the parish, and to the elderly at Donovan House.

Acolytes are rostered on Masses at the weekend, and some Acolytes serve at Masses during the week. They also make themselves available to assist at special masses and Holy Hour services too.

There are currently 7 active Acolytes in the Parish. In previous years there have been as many as 14 active Acolytes.

The minimum age requirement for an Acolyte is 21 years of age. The next training for new Acolytes will take place in 2016. Acolytes are then instituted by the Archbishop or Bishop at a ceremony at the Cathedral. All Acolytes are registered with the Centre for Liturgy.

If you feel you are called to this ministry, please speak to Father Francis or Deacon Trevor.

David Theseira
Acolyte Co-Ordinator