Jesus is My Everything


DEATH is an experience of everyone and everything in the world. We think of death when we are alive because after our death there is no way of knowing about death as death becomes a reality to us. Bible teaches that Death is separation of three human elements in us. Separation of Body, Soul and Spirit. When we die the Body returns to Dust from which it was made. The Soul returns to God who made it and the Spirit returns to God who gave it. Death is inevitable to all creation. As for humans the Psalm 90/10 says: Seventy years to our life or Eighty for those who are strong. Any thing extra is merely a Bonus. Death is of Four Types:-

  1. Physical Death is the separation of Body and Soul, of Inward man from outward man. There is no escape of physical death for anyone. We all die in spite of the amazing advancements in technology, science and medicine. Body is the outside man, the flesh that dies, corrupts and returns to dust. Job 34/15. Soul is the inward man who is immortal and incorruptible and  lives forever either in Hell or in Heaven. Hence, Soul is ever alive and conscious even when the body is dead. We get a foretaste of physical death when we happen to sleep and dream, an everyday experience for all.
  2. Spiritual Death is the separation of man from God when a soul is disconnected from God by sin. One can be physically alive but spiritually dead. He is a Lost Person. He may have a live body but a dead spirit. But the good news is that we can still
    escape Spiritual Death by  a Spiritual Resurrection by forgiveness of sins by Jesus Christ, the Saviour.
  3. Eternal Death is the separation of the Soul from the Body and the Spirit, to be cast into hell condemned forever. It is
    separated from God eternally. Eternal death is irreversible unlike the spiritual death which can be revived.
  4. Second or Final Death, according to Revelation 20,21, takes place after the Great White Throne Judgement. This last
    judgement does not take place at the Second Coming of Christ but only after the literal 1000 year earthly reign. At the final judgement, the dead will be physically resurrected, which means, that the bodies will reunite with their souls to face God, the Judge to give an account of life. The Sea, the Grave, the Death and the Hell will give up all the bodies to be reunited to the souls. Second Death is the casting of both bodies and souls into the Lake of Fire according to Matthew 10/28. There are Two Hells, one below the earth which is temporary, Mt 12/40 the other above the earth which is everlasting Lake of Fire prepared by God, Mt 25/4. Hell itself will be cast into the Lake of Fire along with those who perish after the last judgement. The Lake of Fire will be a thick darkness, unquenchable torment of suffering.

Jesus Christ is the Hope and Cure for all these problems of Life. Let us Hope in the Lord.

God bless

Fr Joseph Rathnaraj
Parish Priest

07 November 2021

Psalm 91 God Our Protector