“He departed to the mountain to pray” Mark 6:46

St Mark asks us to go to the mountain of prayer just to follow Jesus, the Lord. People always go to high places to pray. In Acts 3:1 it is said that Peter and John went up together at the hour of prayer. However, Prayer itself is considered a Mountain. We have to climb the mountain if we wish to pray. If we wait until we feel like praying, we will not pray at all. Prayer is a discipline and the more we discipline ourselves to enter into prayer, the easier it becomes and more rewarding too. Jesus the Lord knew this way of Prayer. That is why, before he walked on the waters in the Sea of Galilee once, he climbed a mountain close by to be alone with his Father in prayer. Then he came down the mountain with the power of the Spirit and stilled a raging storm in the sea. Hence, if we wish to pray well, we must turn our back to the crowds on the plain and go to the mountains to pray.

Mountain is a place of stability in an uncertain world. It is a place where the view is clear and unobstructed. When we go up, a frantic pace of life is left behind. On the mountain we gain a new perspective. When on a mountain, Jesus reminds us that there is nothing we will face in life which he has not already handled. In all cases, he will give you grace and strength to climb the mountain. It is easy to recognise people who have been to the mountain to pray. They have an inner peace that transcends family problems, health concerns and any shortfall in life. We can endure hard times with grace when we know that the summit of Prayer is in our power, because we pray. 

God bless you.

Fr Joseph Rathnaraj
Parish Priest

22 February 2021

Psalm 91 God Our Protector