CORONA has become BAHANA (Excuse) for people of all ages.


Alphabet ‘C’ has shot to prominence with COVID19. Corona Virus.

Alphabet C plays a role in Problems like, Cough, Cold, Corona, Covid, China, Case, Confirmed, Confinement, Contamination, Containment, Curfew, Cemetery and Cremation.

In Remedies like, Chloroquine, Cleanliness, Courage, Compliance, Contention, Clarity, Cooperation, Caring, Cure and Clearance.

2020 is Year of Rat. Our life has become Rat like. Like Rat we are all hiding now…we go out only for food. We store food for eating later. When people come close we run away…Corona indeed has shattered lives of millions. Our Will power has become Fear now. A story of Tiger and Deer. A Tiger’s speed is normally 50K per hour. A Deer’s is normally 90K per hour. Still, Deer usually loses the battle. Why? It is because, Deer thinks he is weaker than Tiger. That fear makes him always look back while running. At that time Deer loses the speed and courage. So it becomes a victim soon. So it happens with Corona. Corona is much weaker than human resistance power. Yet we humans think that we are affected and that makes us lose the battle and to lead a hopeless life. So, Corona has become a Bahana, Excuse for everything. It has become an excuse for all failures in social, economic, political and even religious fields. Now we are seeking answers to how to live with Corona. Japan has announced a ‘new life model‘. It may help us. Some salient points.

Keep distance, Play outdoors, Avoid face to face talks, Go home and wash face and clothes. Wash as soon as you touch some one’s hand, No touching samples in shops, No talking in public transports, Go online shopping and electronic payments, Go shopping as one person, Choose a time with less people, Better use electronic business cards, Less number in meetings, Wear masks, Open windows for ventilation, Work at home and commute in off peak times. No travel to countries where virus is endemic. Eat meals with others side by side not face to face. No use of large bowls and pots to share only follow small portion system. Chat less at meals eat more vegetables. Avoid crowds, closed spaces and intimate contacts. Self-test body temperature. Cover lid when flushing toilet. Not too long stays in narrow spaces, while walking and running keep small in number.

Since the enemy cannot completely be eliminated, it is now necessary to Co-exist with it, following the rules we can live in peace with Corona a long time. A Change of Life Style is necessary. Pray always.

God Bless.  (Thoughts based on Indian Currents.)


Fr Joseph Rathnaraj
Parish Priest

17 September 2020

Psalm 91 God Our Protector