Parish Events

Fr Joseph Rathnaraj's 50th Golden Jubilee Sacredotal Ordination, 18th December 2020
The Parish celebrated the Sacredotal Ordination on Friday, 18th December 2020 with 10:30 am Mass followed by Lunch
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Divine Mercy Fellowship, 6 December 2020
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St Francis of Assisi Feast, 4th October 2020
The Parish celebrated the Feast on Sunday, 5th October 2020 with 10:00 am Mass followed by Brunch
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Fr Joseph Rathnaraj's 75th Birthday - 19th September 2020
Symbolic Gifts and Photos

First Holy Communion - 19th September 2020
The Parish Children celebrated their First Eucharist

Happy Pongal - 11th January 2020
The Tamil Catholics celebrated their Tamil New Year Festival with a Mass and traditional cooking of new rice with herbs and spices