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5th January 2020 - The Epiphany of the Lord

12th January 2020 - The Baptism of the Lord

19th January 2020 - Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

26th January 2020 - Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

2nd February 2020 - The Presentation of the Lord

9th February 2020 - Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

16th February 2020 - Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

23rd February 2020 - Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

1st March 2020 - First Sunday of Lent

8th March 2020 - Second Sunday of Lent

15th March 2020 - Third Sunday of Lent

6th April 2020 - The Bulletin Holy Week

26th April 2020 - Third Sunday of Easter

10th May 2020 - Fifth Sunday of Easter

31st May 2020 - Pentecost Sunday

7th June 2020 - The Most Holy Trinity

28th June 2020 - Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

5th July - Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


REFLECTIONS from Fr Joseph Rathnaraj PP

4th Sunday of Lent - the blind man went off and washed himself and came away with his sight restored.

5th Sunday of Lent - I am the resurrection and the life. 

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord - the commemoration of the Lord's entrance into Jerusalem.

Easter Vigil - Holy Saturday Message

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord - the teaching of scripture is that he must rise from the dead.

Divine Mercy Sunday - Easter, Joy and Glory

The Mystery of "40"

Life After COVID-19  

The Ascension of Our Lord

A Reflection on the Holy Spirit - A Transformed Life

Holy Eucharist = The Way, The Truth, The Life

Reflection On Prayer

Reflection on Christian Perfection